How to use hair forks for your updo

A Hair Accessories 101

Long hair enthusiasts from the Long Hair Community know this piece of hair jewellery, many others might not be too familiar with it. I’m talking about the hair fork. It looks like a U-shaped pin with two or more prongs and it’s used just like it. For pinning up long hair and for decorating. Hair forks are fabricated from various materials such as wood, horn, metal, glass or plastic and they are available in different sizes, designs and price ranges.


Hair Accessories are not an invention of our time, they have been found in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. And in many other cultures, too. However Chinese and Japanese cultures probably had the most significant impact on modern hair forks and hair sticks. The Hairpin Museum by Wu Yi-Shiuan from Taiwan gives an overview. Lots of information about traditional Japanese hair adornment you can also find in the Kushi Kanzashi Museum in Tokyo. In Europe the use of artistically ornated hair pins has been preserved through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque period and the Art Nouveau until today. Many of these antique and vintage hair combs and pins are shown at the virtual Creative Museum in an impressive private collection.

How to use

Hair forks combine both the sturdiness of hair sticks and the shape of solid hair pins. But they are supposed to be more gentle on the hair. They can be used for holding the hair into a bun or chignon or french twist hairstyle. The longer your hair, the longer the prong length, the thinner your hair, the more prongs are recommended. Nessa from shows in her Video-Tutorials how you can pin up your hair by yourself with a little bit of practice. Or else just ask your hair stylist.

Grah-Toe StudioPlains RevivalAnnKat Designs


Hair forks are available in a wide range of sizes, designs and price ranges and in various materials. From low priced mass products to designer hair accessories to hand-crafted one-of-a-kind pieces made out of precious metal. To find the right one for you depends on your dress style, your hair style and the occasion. Wood looks earthy, close to nature and brings out ethnic looks, beads complement bohemian styles, metal adds elegance and acrylic forks are trendy and urban. Here you’ll find some examples:

Colette MaloufB&D Art DécoSenza Limiti

Coming up on the Rubinskaja Blog: an interview with Pilorum, a small hair fork manufactory in Lower Austria.

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