All you want to know about hair accessories

Rubinskaja starts a blog about hair decoration

»As a professionally trained make up artist, who has been wearing dreadlocks for quite a long time, I searched for unique hair accessories from early on and never found something I really liked. So I started to make dread beads by myself. Since I chose to become a full-time jewellery artist, I try to show, that dread jewellery can be stylish, elegant and cool. So by now lots of women without dreads are interested in my hair accessories and I want to widen the range… « says Patricia Wendling, designer, maker and owner of Rubinskaja.

So, Rubinskaja will focus on hair adornment.

  • Designing & Making her own collections
  • Finding & Providing hair jewellery by other designers
  • Blogging about hair accessories

So, what kind of hair ornaments do you wear?
What kind of hair embellishment do you need?
What would you like to read and see on

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