5 Tips How to style your dreadlocks

Beautiful designer dread accessories for fashionistas

There are many different reasons for wearing dreadlocks. To some it’s an act of rebellion, to others a spiritual choice and to several it’s just a fashionable hair trend. Sometimes your approach to your own dreads changes over the years – so as for me.

From resistance to passion for styling

Does this sound familiar to you and you are always looking for new hairstyle ideas? Fashion-forward dreadheads, who like to dress up, find creative ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or at professional dreadmakers such as Rastas Naturales in Vienna, Austria or Dreadstuff in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides cool dreadlock hairstyles, using hair accessories can glamourise your look. Wether you prefer bohemian style, ethnic chic or cool elegance, this overview shows you how you can style your dreads.

1. Hair Beads

Dread beads, large hole beads or spirals come in different materials, shapes and sizes. You can wear them both with your dreads down and up. Either you slip it on a single dread or you „tie“ several dreads with one bead. Most beads have a fixed hole diameter, so you have to know what size you need. On my old blog you can find a manual on how to measure your diameter.

RubinskajaOooohBeadsLe land

2. Hair Pins

Wide hair pins featuring jewellery elements are perfect for adding interesting details to dread-updos. Also hair forks, hair sticks or crescent moons, typically used for long hair styles, proved themselves. Both for pinning up and embellishing.


3. Hair-Wraps

Especially in summer coloured strands add life to your hair. You can wrap your own dreads with yarn or a leather cord or embroider them with glass bead. Or you can attach ready made dread-wraps. Dreadstuff has made a video-tutorial on how to make dread-wraps.

Purple FinchSunshine Artists

4. Headbands and Scarves

If you feel inspired by african fashion, you can’t get past exquisite head-wraps or turbans. Headbands offer faster solutions in order to complement your wardrobe.


5. Flowers

Wether you prefer real flowers or artificial ones made out of fabric, leather or polymer clay, floral hair accessories are not only suitable for weddings. They also complement South American inspired outfits like the Frida-Kahlo-Look or ethnic stylings. You can attach a single blossom as a barrette or brooch or wear a flower wreath as hair-band. The longer and thicker your dreads, the larger the size of flowers you can choose.

We Are Flowergirls

Hair Accessories

Of course you can also wear conventional hair accessories like ponytailwraps.

Not suitable for dreadlocks are:

  • Back combs
  • Sliding clasps
  • Small hair clips

More recommendations for great hair accessories are coming soon here on this blog. Subscribe to the Rubinskaja Newsletter (see footer) to get updates.

What kind of dread accessories do you wear?
Where do you get your inspiration from?
Share your tips in a comment below.


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