Unique Hair Accessories for your festive updo

Rubinskaja not only enhances dreadlocks

Are you looking for hair accessories for a special occasion or do you love to style your hair in general?

Hair Jewellery is trendy at the moment. Wether you prefer flowers, scarfs, tiaras or clips, fashionistas adorn their hair with colour and glamour to compliment their outfit. Especially for festivities. If you neither need a ball nor a wedding to dress up or if you’d rather create your own style, even better.

From dread beads to hair jewellery

As a professionally trained make up artist, who has been wearing dreadlocks for quite a long time, I searched for unique hair accessories from early on and never found something I really liked. So I started to make dread beads by myself. Since I chose to become a full-time jewellery artist, I try to show, that dread jewellery can be stylish, elegant and cool at the same time. So by now »Non-Dreadheads«
Rubinskaja Dread Beads

Rubinskaja Jewellery is inspired by folklore, fashion, colours and nature and is preferably made out of precious fabrics, leather and beads. By hand and with care, joy and passion at my bench in the Weinviertel in Lower Austria. The jewellery brings out your uniqueness and adds a classy coolness to your outfit.

Jewellery that tells a story

This hair pin is the first piece of the new series »Norunn«. Read the story behind this design in the product description in the Rubinskaja Online-Shop.

Rubinskaja Hairpin Norunn

So do you feel like embellishing your hair now?

Then, shop your new hair accessory at rubinskaja.dawanda.com and make an appointment with your favourite hair stylist.

Or let the jewellery designer consult with you beforehand and write an email with your needs.

I can’t wait to read from you.