Paper Mache Bangles

After several attempts, I finished two papier mâché bangles. It’s the same surface design as the green beads. Acrylic paint, coffee and a resin based matt varnish this time. Additionally I embroidered the bangles with turkey stone, glass and metal beads.

Unfortunately both bangles have a glue line, because I had to cut them in order to remove the mold. (It seems like Vaseline is not suitable for larger objects.) Even though I think the PVAC glue will last, I’d prefer seamless bangles. Currently one bracelet is drying, which I molded directly onto a cardboard. This is supposed to bond with the paper mache. Well, let’s see if this works.

Photos: © Rubinskaja

Note: English is my second language. Please excuse possible mistakes. I appreciate corrections. I really do!