Textielleeft! Textillebt! Textile is alive!

Ellen Bakker: Textile is alive!A book recommendation

It has been one week since I laid my hands on a photo book and every day anew I find inspiration in over 1500 images of textile art.

Dutch graphic designer and textile lover Ellen Bakker created a trilingual publishing platform Textiellink.nl for textile artists, producing two books so far. The third will be released in autumn. On this platform textile artists are called on to upload photos of their work within a time frame in order to apply for the next photo book. After review of all submissions, the artists to be featured are selected by the editor in collaboration with textile expert Dorothè Swinkels. Selection results – as per the website – on the basis of »indidviduality, versatility, diversity, originality, quality of work and photos«:

In »Textile is alive!« over 250 artists, designers and handiwork specialists from the Netherlands and Belgium have been chosen. All of them work with textile materials, frequently also in connection with other materials. On one page they present their pieces of art and give a short outline about themselves and their work. The book features a multitude of artists, felters, knitters, embroiderers, quilters, weavers, costume designers, jewelry makers and other designers with different approaches and various aesthetics. I was struck, in particular, by the following artists:

There are no comments added to the works of art in this book. So, it sets aside both evaluation and judgment and any positioning within the international art scene. It’s simply an ode to textile as a material and a source of inspiration and it made it clear to me that there are more textile artists in Europe than I thought. There is only one drop of bitterness: the German translation. It’s irritating to read masculine pronouns only when most of the featured artists are women. I wish the translator had used gender-fair language. However overall highly recommended.

Ellen Bakker
Textile is alive!

Textiellink, 2012
192 pages, hard cover
ISBN 978-90-818476-5-0

This is a promotional video:

Note: English is my second language. Please excuse possible mistakes. I appreciate corrections. I really do!