15 days travelling the UK

I spent the last two weeks in the UK. In cities and on islands, in busses and ferries, museums and yarn shops, at friends and in hostels – on the road with my backpack. And it was lovely.


What actually brought me to the UK was the Million Women Rise March on March 9, 2013 in London. A women’s demonstration against male violence, which took place for the sixth time and was joined by activists from all over the UK. Impressive, especially the huge diversity of women, feminists, lesbians, girls.

I also visited two yarn shops in the city: Loop in Islington and I knit in Waterloo.

Inverness & Isle of Lewis

From London I headed to Inverness by bus. In case you don’t have the map in mind, this is about a 14 hours trip, however most of the time I could sit comfortably right in the front of a double-decker bus crocheting. After one night in a hostel and a short visit at the awesome second hand bookshop Leakey’s Bookshop I continued my travel to the Outer Hebrides. My destination was the Isle of Lewis and there I wanted to visit »Dykeland« on Great Bernera. Eventually I arrived and was welcomed cordially. On the island on the fringe of Europe I found breathtaking beaches and stunning landscapes, gaelic culture and peace, and two and a half days were simply not enough.


However I absolutely wanted to go to Edinburgh Yarn Festival. And it seemed like I wasn’t the only one. Queues at the entrance, at the stalls and the café and fully booked courses, but a wonderful vibe nevertheless. I didn’t take any pictures, because it was simply too crowded for me. Some pictures can be found on the Festivals Facebook Page.

In Edinburgh I also stopped by at Kathy’s Knits and visited the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Currently there is an interesting exhibition on: Edith Tudor-Hart – In the Shadow of Tyranny. The exhibition will be coming to Vienna in autumn by the way.


Some things I brought with me from Scotland: yarn from Ripples Crafts, YarnPony and The Woolyimpi, buttons from Textile Garden, some charity shop finds and wonderful memories accompanying me.

Thank you so much to all who welcomed me in the UK!
Especially to Albane, Sabrina, Donna, Liane, Tracey, Sabine, Megan, SunDyke and Skryer.

Photos: © Rubinskaja

Note: English is my second language. Please excuse possible mistakes. I appreciate corrections. I really do!