Fulled wool hat for dreads

The green fulled wool fabric goes a long way. Yesterday I made this hat out of scraps left over from my coat. The idea came from the fashion accessory class I currently attend at the »Künstlerische Volkshochschule« Vienna. This is also where I started the hat. Actually I wanted to make a closed hat, however it came out longer than intended and I loved the open turban-like shape and it’s super convenient for my put up dreadlocks, so I left it like that.

The fabric’s structure resulted from both the visible seams of the cloth strips and irregular stitched pleats. I had a lot of fun making this hat, maybe because it leads to a good result quite fast and easy. I believe, I just needed something like that during my coat sewing going on and on and on …

Addition 01/10/2013:
Today I was able to take some other pictures of the hat on my window sill, so I changed them.

Photos: © Rubinskaja

Note: English is my second language. Please excuse possible mistakes. I appreciate corrections. I really do!