A recycled necklace or A little 80s nostalgia

I needed a necklace fast – preferably neon pink and kind of chunky in a way. There wasn’t time nor money for buying materials, so I took a look around and found:

  • 1 pair of neon pink tights
  • 2 black leather scraps
  • 2 black electric cables
  • and a few pieces of a broken ballpoint pen I found in my handbag
    (I am pretty sure my handbag appreciated the clear out ;-))

Well and then I found this Video by Duendecillaa. Though my Spanish stops right after »Hola, ¿qué tal? Gracias, bien.«, I got an idea immediately.

I cut the tights into strips and sewed them together at one end. Then I crocheted two electric cables separately into chains and joined them both together and to the ends of the tights. After that I beaded the ballpoint pen’s pieces on the strips, adjusted the length and the fall of the necklace and sewed together the second end. Across the yarn wrapped joints I glued leather strips, which I had cut using pinking scissors, and also sewed them with silver-colored nylbond thread. Finally I glued some tiny leather strips as »beads« on the tights. Well, this is the result:

P.S.: Unfortunately I don’t have a good digital camera right now. Two and a half weeks ago my Nikon Coolpix P7000 got broken while taking pictures using self timer. Now the cost estimate for the repair is so high, that I am thinking of buying a new one. However my anger at the photo- and electronics industry still is too strong – it seems like they are deliberately producing more and more short-lived products and make repair almost impossible and moreover exploit workforce in Asia. Yuck! Perhaps I’ll find a second hand camera.

Photos: © Rubinskaja

Note: English is my second language. Please excuse possible mistakes. I appreciate corrections. I really do!